Please be aware that ALL applications, final reports, monthly reports for COP and CPP will be listed on the web site. BE SURE THAT YOU ARE FILLING OUT THE CORRECT FORM! If you are applying for COP or filling out the final report make sure that you are working on a COP form.
Once you SUBMIT the application it will be locked and you will not be able to enter any more information. So be sure that you have entered everything before you submit.
Once the application is submitted you will receive an automatic email that will tell you that it was submitted. This email will also be for your records with the time and date the application was submitted.
Getting Started
Step #1
Go online to:   Click on “Log In” and enter your User Name and Password.
To open an application or report for the first time click on “Apply” which is on the right hand side of the page and is a green button.
On this page, under “City of Dallas,” you will see a list of the applications and final reports that are available.
Finding or printing your Application after you have started it
When you return to work on your application or final report you will click on “My Data” instead of “Apply.” This will take you to your list of reports or applications that you have started. If you are still working on it, click on the edit button – which is the blue icon. Or if you want to print out your application simply click on the Green printer icon.
Navigating through the Application
Once you have opened the application you will see a table of contents that you can use to navigate through the application or there are buttons at the bottom of each page that you can use as well.
You will find the “Save and Continue“ button at the bottom of the page and also a “Next” button. WARNING -If you click on just the “Next” button your work will not be saved as you move to the next page. Be sure that you click on “Save and Continue.”
Text Box
All the narratives are set up in a text box. If there is a red asterisk by the text box or anything else in the application it means that it is required before the application can be submitted. You will not be able to submit until all required questions and forms are filled out.
The text boxes have a character counter at the bottom left hand corner to help keep track of the count.
All text boxes are Microsoft Word friendly and you can easily cut and paste from Word into them.
Uploading Supplemental Material
One of the nice things about this is that you have 500MB of room to upload material. There is also a chart that lets you know the size range on different types of documents. You can upload video and audio clips as well as PDF’s , excel etc.
Click on “Manage Folders” to further help you with organizing your material.
You will need to upload your Board of Directors list in the Upload Files section – it is not a separate upload anymore. There is a little box to check once you have uploaded them which confirms your upload.
There will be more informational updates on the application system in the future. If you have any questions please email.
Charla Sanderson